Intensive Japanese Summer Programs – Intensive Summer Studyabroad

Full Immersion Japanese Summer Programs – Short Intensive Summer Courses in 2015

Sunrise, viewed from the weather station on the peak.

Sunrise, viewed from the weather station on the peak of Mt Fuji.

In 2015, ALC will continue to provide a wider range of flexibly scheduled high quality Japanese programs and seminars, and a more extensive range of field trips than any other school in central Japan. We are also able to provide a full range of customized options.

In addition to our usual courses, in 2015 we are also running the following 4 summer programs:

Intensive Japanese Summer Program for College & University Students: An ultra intensive program designed to help you “skip” a year, this is our most intensive program, but also includes a trip to Kyoto for the Gion Festival. You will learn more during this short program than in a full year of university studies, and see and experience parts of Japan that are usually impossible to visit Click for more Information.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation Course: The JLPT will be held July 5th, and the best way to prepare is to be in Japan, soaking up expert teaching for levels N1 and N2. A customized N3 program is also available on request and quotation basis. Click for more Information.

Entrance to Naiku

Entrance to Naiku

Language Studies and Japanese History: Using central Japan itself as our classroom, explore the Sengoku Jidai, blending classes with a unique study tour. Click for more Information.

Japanese Summer Program for High School Students: A new program restricted to high school students, perfect for preparing for college. You can choose between a study component, tour component, or combine both options. Click here for more Information. Or browse the 2014 program diary.

Kinkaku, or more precisely, the shariden at Rokuon-ji, more popularly known as Kinkaku-ji.

Kinkaku in Kyoto, or more precisely, the shariden at Rokuon-ji, more popularly known as Kinkaku-ji.

It is also possible (in some circumstances) to combine some of our programs in Aichi with those of our sister schools in Hokkaido (Sapporo Japanese Language Institute) and Tokyo (Tokyo Japanese Language School). Completely customized itineraries are also available, for both individuals and groups.

Summers in Okazaki and Nagoya may be hot and humid, but with beautiful fireworks and magical festivals, crazy baseball crowds, pristine beaches, hiking on snow in the alps, incredible food, high tech robots and a rich history to explore, studying Japanese Language and Culture during summer has it all.

Yumigahama Beach

Yumigahama Beach, Shimoda

From Sushi to Sumo, Fashion to Fugu. Chill out with a cold beer on the beach or climb Mount Fuji. If you really want to. Although Declan says you really don’t want to climb that hill.

The biggest event will be our Ayu Fishing and BBQ event on August 1st.