Hanami Party 2014

Hanami Party 2014 Announcement

Date: Wednesday, April 2nd

As with every year, the sakura blossoms are coming out and the park surrounding Okazaki Castle is a beautiful picture of pink and white petals. Partying under the cherry trees has been a long custom, celebrating spring.

This year we have hanami themed day trips on the last weekend of March and first weekend of April. Our annual Hanami Party will be on Wednesday evening from 7pm (it is OK to arrive a little late) until we are kicked out of the park.

Sake and songs, beers and BBQ. Anything is fine, and some of you might even find time to look at the flowers every now and then.

Participation is free, but please bring your own food. A charcoal fired BBQ, cooking utensils etc will be available. Probably best though to cut/chop any vegetables before you come. The BBQ is fairly large, so it is possible to cook fish, shrimp, and shellfish on one side, and meats on the other. Please bring your own drinks, and do not drink and drive.

Location: Okazaki Castle. Just west of the main tower. East bank of the Iga river, about 50-100 meters downstream from Takechiyo bridge (竹千代橋 – the bridge just west of the Wisteria trellis, the last bridge before the small Igagawa converges with the Otogawa).
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Time: 7pm until late.

Wet Weather Plan: In the event of bad weather, we will move either to one of the larger of the nearby foodstalls lining the Otogawa, or to one of the pubs across the river in the Higashi Okazaki station area.

Contact: Please use the facebook page, twitter, or call Declan.