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Prepaid Cards

Where can I buy a prepaid card for international calls in Japan?

Cards are everywhere. You can buy them at convenience stores, train stations, supermarkets, etc. SIM cards are much more difficult.

How do I use a card I bought in my country?

Instructions for how to use a card overseas should be printed on the back of the card. This usually involves dialing an international toll free number and entering a pin number. Please pay close attention to whether or not the calling card you buy will work in Japan.

Cell Phones

How much does it cost to get a cell phone?

The cost of buying a cell phone can range anywhere from 10-20,000 and higher. This of course all depends on where you buy it, the type of service that you sign-up for, etc. There is any number of cell phone stores in Aichi.

Can I use the cell phone that I bought in Japan outside of Japan?

That depends entirely on the type of phone that you buy when you’re here. Generally, most phones are not able to roam outside of Japan. If you’re interested in a phone that has worldwide roaming capabilities, ask the sales clerk when shopping for a cell phone.

If I am a long-term student, what is the best way to buy a cell phone?

If you’re a long term student, you may want to look into purchasing a phone, as opposed to renting one. Some service plans include discounts, where if you sign-up for service for a certain period of time, a year for example, they will take a percentage off of your monthly bill. Also, think about how much you’ll be using your phone. It may be in your best interest to get a phone that you use by buying pre-paid cards for.

What if I’m going to be in Japan for only a short period of time? Can I still get a cell phone?

Absolutely. Please inquire at the office after you arrive for more information.

What are the call rates like in Japan? Can I receive calls for free?

Incoming calls on landline and cell phones in Japan are generally free of charge.

What is the cheapest way to phone back home from Japan?

The most popular way of phoning overseas recently is by using internet phone services, i.e. Skype, Dialpad, MSN, Yahoo!, etc. Skype is a service that allows you to call, for free, any other computer in the world using the Skype service.

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