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Are Japanese doctors good? Do I have to worry about anything?

The standard of medical care in Japan is one of the world’s highest, and you should have no problem feeling comfortable in your doctor’s care and ability.

Do Japanese doctors speak English? Am I going to have any problem communicating with them?

Some doctors in this area do speak second languages, such as English or Portuguese, but our staff will be able to help in translating between your and your doctor if necessary.


What happens if I get sick? Will ALC be able to take me to a doctor/the hospital?

This may be in fact one of the most frequently asked, if not the most important, questions regarding what the ALC staff can do for its students when they fall ill, or in the event of an emergency. Our staff will always be able to assist in taking you to a doctor/the hospital, in providing translating between you and your doctor if necessary and anything else pertaining to your situation. This service is something to carefully consider when choosing a school abroad.


Are there any hospitals nearby ALC accommodations?

Yes. There are hospitals within a few hundred meters from campus. There are also a number of other hospitals and clinics in the area surrounding ALC accommodations consulting in various areas of medicine, i.e. dental, dermatology, gynecology, etc.

Medical Insurance

Is my travel insurance from home valid in Japan?

Please check carefully with your insurance provider prior to coming to Japan whether or not you’ll be insured while you’re in Japan.

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