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Are there any restrictions on who can work while studying?

Yes. Only students who are studying on either a Working Holiday Visa or a Student Visa are eligible. Students who are studying on a Tourist Visa may not engage in any work.


What kind of rules do I have to follow in working at a part-time job?

On a Student Visa, you’re only allowed to work up to four hours a day, at a maximum of 20 hours per week. In addition, you’re not allowed to work at places that would fall under the definition of “Entertainment,” i.e. clubs, bars, etc. Be careful not to find yourself in a situation that may compromise your visa and your eligibility to study in Japan.

Types of Jobs

How do I find a part-time job in Japan? Can ALC give me advice?

ALC is not legally entitled to assist you in finding a part-time job. You must, therefore, find a part-time job on your own, however, keep in mind that any job involves a commute, involves feeling tired when you get home, all of which takes away from your time to study.

What kind of money can I expect to earn at a part-time job?

Using Japanese, you can expect to earn anywhere from 700-1,000 per hour at a part-time job. Using English, such as teaching at a language school, you can earn anywhere from 1,500-3,000 an hour.

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