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Garbage/Rubbish Rules

Are there any special rubbish/garbage rules that I should be aware of?

Japan, in effect, recycles everything. Your garbage will have to be separated into at least four different bags: burnable, non-burnable, plastic and paper. You’ll get more detailed instructions on the rules of garbage separation during your orientation.


What are some of the things that I should be careful of while living in the ALC accommodations?

1) Smoking is not allowed inside any of the accommodations. No exceptions. Each residence has a designated smoking area. You’ll get more detailed information on where these areas are for each residence during your orientation.
2) Walls in Japan tend to be thin. This being said, please be courteous and considerate of your neighbors when doing things like listening to music, watching TV, talking with friends in your room or on the phone, etc. You’ll in return appreciate the same courtesy. Please use headphones for music and TV after 10:00 p.m.
3) Aside from following Japans rules regarding trash separation (see Garbage/Rubbish Rules above), please refrain from either setting trash outside your door or taking your trash out the night before. While this may be acceptable in your country, it’s not in Japan. Trash is to be taken out the morning of the designated trash collection days.


Does Japan recycle its cans and bottles? How do I do this?

Aside from the many random recycle bins you’ll find throughout the local, usually located near drink vending machines, there are a number of other places, such as supermarkets, where you can take your recyclable cans and bottles at any time. There are also days of the week in which you can place your recyclable cans and bottles in a bag close to your residence. You’ll get more detailed instructions on where to take your recyclables during your orientation.

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