Mount Ibuki

Mount Ibuki is located on the frontier between Gifu and Shiga prefectures east of Nagahama near Lake Biwa. At 1,377 meters, is not very tall but is still the highest mountain in the Shiga Prefecture. In winter, Mount Ibuki is a small but popular ski resort with ten runs supported by 9 lifts and a gondola covering a 60 hectare skiing area.

In addition to a commanding view of the area, Mount Ibuki also has a reputation as a place to find medicinal plants. During the months of July and August the peak comes to life with a wide variety of wildflowers displaying hundreds of examples of Japan’s native alpine flora. Well-marked trails also make Mount Ibuki a popular hiking destination as well as a camping one with its many campsites at its base.

It is also possible to reach Mount Ibuki’s summit using a toll road. The price for using the road varies between 2,100 and 12,000 yen depending on the vehicle size. The toll road’s opening hours vary depending on the time of year, between 09:00 to 18:00 between November and March, to being open 24 hours between mid-July and the end of August for night hiking.

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