At ALC, in addition to building quality into our classroom and experiential-based instruction, we make maximum use of various locations in central Japan to support and enhance the learning experience. In addition to our field trips and our Japan Discovery program, visits to the amazing destinations available in central Japan are an intrinsic component of all of our Culture Programs. This guide will be steadily expanded.

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Aichi Prefecture – Big cities, small villages, good sake, surfing, high tech, Toyota!, nightlife, jobs and education.
Gifu Prefecture – Beautiful scenery, great skiing, national parks, hiking and mountaineering, excellent onsens, and Hida Beef!
Kyoto Prefecture – National treasures, ancient customs, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Gion!, amazing festivals, great nightlife.
Mie Prefecture – “Mountains and Sea”, great beaches, the Grand Shrines of Ise, Matsusaka Beef, Honda!, Mikimoto pearls.
Nagano Prefecture – Mountains, castle towns, wonderful onsens, powder skiing and winter sports, ancient temples, rafting.
Shiga Prefecture – Lake Biwa, history, Hikone, shigaraki, incredible food, Nagahama, superb hiking.
Shizuoka Prefecture – National Parks, scenic beauty, Mount Fuji, Honda! (again), musical instruments, great beaches, craft beer.