Uji and Mount Koya

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Winter on Mount Koya, Shojin Ryouri, Shukubou (Wakayama)
Tour Code: OK0109
Tour Fee: 29300 Discount Price: 23300

Date: Saturday/Sunday, January 9th/10th

We are heading to Koya-san, via Kyoto. This UNESCO World Heritage listed complex, a monastery of more than 100 temples, is one of the most sacred sites in Japan.

We will start with a brief visit to Uji in Kyoto. Uji is where the aristocrats of Japan’s Heian period had their private villas. These days it is a major destination, famous for beautiful scenery, and the Byoudoin – a Heian period architectural and artistic masterpiece nearly 1000 years old, which you have seen before on the 10 yen coin.

We then head straight to Koya-san. We visit this amazing place twice a year, in the summer and early winter. The shape of this valley resembles a lotus flower, and is the reason why this site was chosen by Kukai, the founder of this awesome place, in the year 819. The monastery is located in a valley, 820 meters above sea level, surrounded by the 8 peaks of the mountain. Light snowfalls are common in late December, providing a beautiful blanket over temple gardens and pagodas. Bring your camera.

We are here for what is an unforgettable experience. Shojin Ryouri & Shukubou. Shojin Ryouri is the perfectly prepared and presented vegetarian cuisine of Zen temples – a sort of “Buddhist foodporn”. Shukubou is the temple stay, the chance to sleep overnight in a beautiful temple with incredible rock gardens. We will spend as much time as possible on Koya-san, exploring the rock gardens, and the amazing cemetery of Okunoin. We return via Kyoto.

Departs: East Exit, JR Okazaki Station, Saturday, 8:15am. Returns: 9:30pm (approx)
Mode of transport: Minivan or Microbus
Deadline for Discount Price: 21 days prior
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