All of our classrooms are modern, air-conditioned, and have free wireless internet coverage. As passive rote learning has no place in our curriculum, we use either round tables or a U-shaped table configuration to maxmize interaction not only between our students and instructors, but also to facilitate group work between students.

Each classroom is large enough for projectors and other teaching technologies to be in active use, and there are sufficient power outlets for all students to be able to charge any device needed to assist language learning, so battery considerations are not an issue.

The common room is large enough for students from different class levels and programs to mix during breaks, and is also where we have parties and events throughout the year. There is a piano and guitars available for student use.

Complimentary tea and coffee is available during classes. Microwave ovens and hot water dispensers are available, there are convenience stores and a supermarket located nearby. We have a bicycle parking area and sufficient space to be able to provide free parking to any student who needs to commute by car. For the health of fellow students and staff, no smoking indoors is permitted.