2014 SPHSS Diary – 8

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Day 8/35 – Thursday July 10th – 09:00

It is a bit wet, and a bit breezy, but classes are going to proceed today as scheduled. We will be monitoring the progress of the typhoon on an hourly basis, and will make sure that if we need to cancel during the day, that all students make it home safely.


Day 8/35 – Thursday July 10th – 11:50

All students and faculty arrived safely this morning. Classes are now complete with good progress being made. It is raining, but the rain is not as heavy as expected. We will decide during lunch as to whether to do the Kanji clinic or to postpone. At this stage though it looks like the full effect of the typhoon will probably not arrive until tonight.

Day 8/35 – Thursday July 10th – 13:45

For safety reasons, we have postponed the Kanji clinic until Monday. The students have returned to their homestays. The typhoon is expected to pass through tonight. We have 3 backup destinations (including “2 wet weather” destinations) for tomorrow if the typhoon doesn’t co-operate with our schedule.

We did however, have a good lunch, and the students had the chance to have little bit of conversation with the sushi chef/owner. Amberjack, salmon, squid, bluefin tuna, absolutely superb sea urchin, sweet prawn, roe… The students loved it. It just kept getting better. The secret to incredibly good sushi is not just the freshness of the wonderful seafood, but also the perfection of the rice. Really good quality vinegar combined with good salt, and the selection of this year’s highest grade variety of rice grains. Hats off to the sushi chef.

Q: “What was the best part of lunch?”
A: “Everything!”

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