2014 SPHSS Diary – 5

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Day 5/35 – Monday July 7th

Intensive classroom based instruction began today. At this stage it is mostly review, with the teachers searching for and identifying knowledge gaps. Homework was issued of course, as nothing about this program is “Mickey Mouse”. Then it was Nihongo Cafe time (not an actual cafe). This is an informal class held during a long lunch and for this program it is also the designated “Kanji Clinic”.

From early next week, or more likely later this week, it will be the program participants ordering the food, etc. It is a good chance to test skills, and interact with native speakers of Japanese who aren’t instructors. As with lightning, we’ll go to a different restaurant or location each and every day. Every time the students place an order, it will be with someone they have never met before. Before the end of the program, they will have the chance to place a reservation or food order by telephone.

By Wednesday (July 9th), the students will have learned the following characters, and by the end of the program, just over 220 characters. This will include the ON/KUN readings, providing a fairly useful vocabulary platform to work from during future studies.


Lunch was great (肉そば yay!). But sorry, today we were too hungry to take photos.

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