2014 SPHSS Diary – 21

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Day 21/35 – Wednesday July 23rd

Morning classes, good progress, followed by lunch at a local okonomiyaki restaurant. The characters お好み焼 are really simple, and the students can read them, and break down the characters. The kanji okonomi 好 includes the radicals for woman and child, and it means “to like”. Surprised? The kanji 焼 includes the radical 火 (fire) on the left , and literally means to fry/cook. So “okonomiyaki” basically means you just use the teppan or grill on your table to cook whatever you like. Not very complicated cuisine. The students did it really well. They should know the word 鉄板焼き (てっぱんやき) very soon. 🙂

For extra practice (and because Declan wasn’t feeling well, bad case of 夏バテ) lunch and the kanji clinic was conducted by Emi-sensei. 有難御座います!


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