ALC provides as wide a range of programs and opportunities as possible, as flexibly as possible, and as affordably as possible. On this website we designate the programs/courses as Academic, Culture, or Customized. However as with everything in lifelong learning, it is more complicated than that.

For all of our programs, we also aim to provide a personal touch, by keeping class sizes small, and with a curriculum as intensive or as laid back as you prefer. And most importantly of all, with an total emphasis on quality and respect for you.

As a Center established by a team of non-Japanese professionals who learned Japanese as a foreign language, and who learned as adults and deeply understand the many challenges involved, we do not have the “take it or leave it” attitude that all too frequently pervades the Japanese language education sector in Japan (and too frequently abroad). We will customize, we will support, and will do everything possible to facilitate an ever enriching learning environment, and to help you have some unforgettable experiences of Japan.

Our emphasis and focus is on motivated and academically focused adult learners of Japanese, but we are also determined to assist future professionals, and as the “one exception to the rule” have established a Japanese Summer Program for High School Students specifically intended to encourage young people to study Japanese at university level.

Each program is carefully designed and tested, and with the much valued feedback we receive from our customers, and from far more supporters than originally imagined, is being constantly refined and improved.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to Aichi!


Declan Murphy