Refunds & Cancellation Insurance

As a school focused primarily on adult learners, we understand that from time to time our students may need to cancel or defer their course or studies.

Refunds are automatically given whenever payment for tuition, accommodation, study tours or other services has been in excess of the price listed (which usually happens only with payments in foreign currencies), if you defer to a different course or switch accommodation choice to a less expensive option etc. We also give refunds if you cancel – and the information below outlines the policies we follow for cancellations.

As far as possible, with the exception of bank fees and administration charges, the refund is in full. Please note that if the refund needs to be done by foreign bank transfer then we will require you to bear the cost of the bank charges.
To obtain a refund foreign bank transfer, please supply the bank account details (including SWIFT code etc – an example is located here). Refunds usually take 2 weeks in the case of amounts of JPY100,000 or less. In the case of refunds of amounts of JPY100,001 or more, the transfer would take 3 to 6 weeks from the time your account details are received.


a) Student visa application fees cannot be refunded in the event of cancellation.
b) For student visa holders, the first six months of tuition cannot be refunded.
c) Once a module has commenced, the balance of that module cannot be refunded. Subsequent “uncommenced” modules are refundable in full.
d) For optional Field Trips & Tours, a separate refund policy applies. Please see the Field Trips & Tours page for details.
e) For a small fee, cancellation insurance can be purchased that will cover 70% of any non-refundable fees.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.