At ALC, our total focus is on quality. This includes constantly improving our faculty, support staff, facilities and course options.

Every single course coordinator at ALC has, as a minimum, a Masters degree, and at least 5 years of teaching experience, including a minimum of 1 year of teaching at university level outside Japan.

Every single instructor has, as a minimum, a Bachelors degree, and at least 5 years of teaching experience. No exceptions are made. At most Japanese language schools, the minimum requirement is completion of a 420 hour Japanese teacher training course (“yousei kouza”). To put it quite bluntly, this qualification isn’t sufficient to support any definition of quality education.

Every single member of our support staff is fluent in Japanese, has gone through the experience of learning Japanese as a foreign language, and has gone through this experience as an adult. Again, no exceptions are made. Every single member of our support staff has lived and worked in Japan for a minimum of 10 years. All are degree qualified and have passed JLPT1 or JLPTN1. All have extensive experience in hospitality and have provided support services for foreign students for a minimum of 5 years prior to working with us.

Our facilities are continually renewed, with comfortable seating and spacious desks. The projectors, PCs, magnet boards and other learning aids are replaced and upgraded regularly. All classrooms are air-conditioned for maximum comfort. Wireless internet access is available in all classrooms.

We have a wide and increasing range of course options, and are constantly refining the curriculum and start/finish dates to increase flexibility.