Climate & Weather

Seasonal variations in Japan are very pronounced. Unlike northern Japan or the west coast of Honshu, Aichi receives very little snowfall other than in the alpine areas of the northeastern part of the prefecture. Winds can be strong though, so if studying in winter, please bring adequate warm clothing, especially if you are planning to travel and/or ski.

Aichi and Shizuoka are said to have Japan’s most temperate climates. Peak summer temperatures are somewhat lower than Tokyo, Kyoto or western Japan due to the sea breezes but summers are still hot humid, with a rainy season (called tsuyu – usually in June) preceding the really hot weather. Light cotton clothing, suitable footwear etc are essential. Dress for comfort. If you have fair skin, bring or buy a hat and sunscreen. Some of our optional field trips and tours visit beaches, so swimwear may be worth bringing.