1st Anniversary Party 2014

1st Anniversary Party 2014 Announcement

Date: Friday, April 25th

April 19th, 2013. This was the Decision Making Day

  April 19th, 2013. Decision Making Day

Friday April 25th 2014 will be the first anniversary of our Center getting underway. It was a very modest start (a facebook post), with the schedule, website and so on yet to appear. The first part-time student arrived in June, first full-time student in early July, and first study tour group later that month. Website (while incomplete) finally went online in October, and is still being worked on daily. There is so much to do.

It has been a busy and sometimes stressful 12 months, but one in which a new Japanese Language School has been created from scratch, and summer and the year ahead should be an exciting one.

For one night though, it is time to relax. Enjoy some good food and company, and say a big thank you to everyone who has helped make it all possible. Without our amazing customers, host families, teachers and supporters, an ambitious dream would have died.

The food is awesome, the nomihoudai likewise, and you can eat like a Raja and still have change from 2000 yen.

If you can’t make it to the Fuji Picnic on Tuesday 29th at Okazaki Castle, you can make a “one coin donation” (ie anything from 1 to 500 yen) to our on-going Fukushima donations. No donation is too small!

Location: We will be celebrating at Shubhakamana in Okazaki, at their wonderful Minami-ten.


Time: 7:30pm until close.

Contact: Please use the facebook page, twitter, or call Declan.