Battlefield of Nagashino
Throughout the year, our field trips visit historic sites, battlefields, wartime tunnels and many difficult to access places. Using either minivans or a microbus, we can take you to places rarely visited by foreigners.
Matsumoto Castle
We regularly visit all 4 of Japan's national treasure castles, along with many UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Learn Japanese
Study the language and learn about Japan's fascinating culture and well preserved traditions. From individually customized programs to university or gradschool preparation, we can provide professional assistance.
Kawagoe & Regional Cities
Partly due to language barriers, many visitors do not get to experience some of the true gems - smaller cities and towns - that escaped the destruction of 1944-45. Kawagoe, a short suburban commute from bustling central Tokyo combines a well preserved streetscape, fine crafted beer, historic sites and excellent souvenir shopping.
Kamikochi & Japanese Alps
The beautiful valley of Kamikochi, and the nearby Oku-Hida region offers superb hiking & scenery, rustic onsens, wonderful local cuisine and sake, as well as unique temples and festivals.
Gion Festival, Kyoto
For more than 1000 years, the Gion Festival has been the summer highlight of Kyoto. With expert local guides & knowledge we can help you turn your experience from observer into participant.
Teahouses, Geiko & Maiko, beautiful kimono, and courtly traditions in ancient Kyoto. A fascinating city to explore and experience, and excellent place to study.
Tokoname Ceramics
Learn the art of fine ceramics from a master craftsman in Seto, Tokoname, Bizen or Shigaraki. Improve your skills, or make the perfect souvenir.
Nachi Fire Festival
This ancient fire festival is conducted on July 14th each year at the base of Japan's highest waterfall. Combine with Kyoto's Gion Festival for a 5 day Discovery tour.
Helicopter Skiing
Heliskiing in Hakuba. Fly deep into the backcountry of Japan's Alps. The views of the Tsugaike ridge and Sea of Japan are inspiring, the descent suitable for intermediate skiers and snowboarders.


Welcome to – Japanese Communication and Culture. The Aichi Language Center is a small, uniquely specialized Japanese Language School located in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan, halfway between Tokyo and Osaka.

Our main focus is on helping adult learners of Japanese improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, while exploring and experiencing all that they prefer Japan can offer. The school is unique in that while all instruction is provided by extremely experienced native speaking Japanese teachers, it was founded by and is managed by non-native speakers of Japanese, all of whom learned the language as adults, and all of whom have lived in Japan for at least several decades. We are renowned for the quality and affordability of our private lessons and customized lessons, but also offer an extensive array of group based programs, especially with our wide range of Japanese language summer programs.

We provide suitable classes at all levels, from absolute beginners through to advanced classes and Business Japanese, plus customized programs for translators and interpreters seeking to improve skills and knowledge. You can study from just 1 week as a refresher course, to programs scheduled for as long as 2 years. One thing we do pride ourselves on is our specialized courses for advanced learners. If you have already passed JLPT1/JLPTN1, then you already know that there is still so much to learn. We also provide an extensive range of Field Trips that includes many places that are “off the beaten track”, all of which can be customized. Sometimes local knowledge and contacts is absolutely everything.

Our total focus on quality has created a learning community comprising excellent teachers, modern facilities and a relaxed and supportive learning environment. For more information, “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, feel free to contact us, and feel free to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you.